Loetje Rotterdam has great Burgers

Loetje Rotterdam on a warm Wednesday evening. Loetje has been around for almost 40 years. It first opened in Amsterdam zuid and was known for their typical Dutch dishes. Dishes like, Fried eggs, meatballs and their steak. They became famous for their steak and all the different varieties they came in. They started opening more […]

Brownie cake from Limburgia

Today I was in The Hague working at Digital Captains. Martijn was celebrating his birthday and asked me to get some cakes. No problem!!!! I went to the Limburgia Vlaai store. My eye immediately caught a chocolate cake. It was topped of with pieces of brownie, OMG, yes i’m serious. I just tried it and it […]

My favorite place in Rotterdam, Panzero

Panzero is for me the best place to have lunch or a late afternoon snack. They have street food from Puglia, an area in the south of Italy. Famous for the panzerotti. I think it looks like a deep fried calzone pizza. Filled with all kids of ingredients. Mostly savory but they do have one […]

Quick dinner @ Hotel New York

Roos and I went for a quick meal at Hotel New York. I had a big plate of fish and chips for just €12,- and Roos chose for a big goat cheese salad. But the best part was the dessert. We shared an Oreo cheese cake! This was one of the best cheese cakes I’ve ever […]

Blog: Lunch @ Iety Rotterdam West

Iety! Lunch and art in Rotterdam West Last Thursday I visited Iety. This cosy looking lunchroom is on the corner of the ”2e Middellandstraat 27” and the Heemraadssingel. From their terrace you have a beautiful view over the Heemraadssingel. Because I found it a bit chilly I sat down inside. Cool looking place! The lunchroom also serves […]

Blog: Visit Valencia with an Airbnb

Valencia by Airbnb Valencia has been a very underestimated city of Spain. Luckily this changed the last decennial. A lot happened the past ten years. Valencia build a new opera house and cultural centre called, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. A very special architectural building designed by Santiago Calatrava. This was opened in 2005. Two years later […]

Sunny house made of wood

For a sunny house you just need wood, transparent corrugated and a great Architect!    I really like wood and sunlight in my house. That’s why I find this house, designed by Architect Yoshichika Takagi, super cool! The transparent corrugated bring a lot of light into this sunny house. Combined with the wood it makes this house […]

Curly fries from Tasty

Tasty curly fries. What do you need more in life if you can make home made curly fries! This look so damn good! You will most deff earn some credits if you make this for a home party with friends. Here are all the ingredients you need along with the preparation. Enjoy your home made curly fries! […]

Road test Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Multiair

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is truly beautiful!   First impression. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a beautiful car and all the lines make sense. The attention to details is sublime and you can look at it for hours. After absorbing the exterior it was time to get in and drive it!   The interior.  When […]

Airbnb Haagse Toren

My stay in the Airbnb Haagse Toren Monday the 29th of February Roos and I stayed in an awesome apartment, the ” Airbnb Haagse Toren ”. High in the sky at the 30th floor of the a big skyscraper. We have visited The Hague quit a few times but spending the night was the first […]