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Valencia by Airbnb

Valencia has been a very underestimated city of Spain. Luckily this changed the last decennial. A lot happened the past ten years. Valencia build a new opera house and cultural centre called, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. A very special architectural building designed by Santiago Calatrava. This was opened in 2005. Two years later the America’s cup, one of the worlds most expensive regattas, was hosted in the harbour of Valencia. This change the city big time! The harbour and seafront got a huge upgrade. On top of that in 2008 the harbour was used hosting the Formule 1 grand prix. Of course the circuit was laid out exactly in the newly developed harbour area. These few years have put this beautiful city straight on the tourist bucket list. Too bad that the crisis hit Spain very hard just end of 2008. Luckily for Valencia it didn’t only attract tourist. A lot of students came to Valencia to study here. This helped the local business a bit during the crisis. Now Europe is climbing out of the crisis Valencia is still on all the tourist bucket lists. And so it was on mine!   

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Airbnb Bob on the go Valencia bed room

After working a lot my girlfriend Roos surprised me with a holiday to Valencia! I was as happy as a hippo 🙂 This was the first time we booked an Airbnb. I already had a huge wishlist of accommodations I would like to stay. We found a wonderful location in the city center. Our host was Miguel. Super friendly guy that told us some good spots to visit. We had a big room with a shared kitchen. There were two bathrooms so we never had to wait for other guests. In the kitchen there was a big fridge for all the guests. So if you want you can also cook in his kitchen but we always went out for tapas! Why do it yourself if there is such good food in Spain…. This Airbnb offered the possibility to do your laundry. There is a washing machine and a drying rack.. In total this Airbnb offers room for 6 to 7 guests. Great place if you’re staying with a group. And if you don’t mind giving up your full privacy it’s also a good place to experience Valencia.  

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Right around the corner there is Mercado de Colon. This is an old covered market place which now holds lunchrooms and bars. Get yourself a cortado and a croissant for €2,- and your good to go. Btw a cortado is an espresso with a dash of hot milk. If your planning on just visiting the city centre you can easily walk. The centre is pretty compact. If you want to see a bit more then rent a bicycle. You will find some folders in the Airbnb. You can also rent a scooter but the traffic is all over the place and you won’t find the nice spots that easily. However if you are going by bike you can go through the beautiful Jardín del Turia park. Besides this is a gorgeous park it can help you find your way around town very fast. The park is a dried up river that curves around the old city centre straight through the major part of the city. If you cycle to the end of the river you can see in the distance appear the impressive buildings of Calatravo. At the very end of the river is the port and the beginning of the beach. I think everybody who’s visiting Valencia should do this tour. It’s really something! And don’t let the heat stop you from cycling. We did this with 40 degrees Celsius and no wind. Which was pretty doable. In the end Roos and I had a wonderful holiday! Valencia is awesome and I will most def go back a few more times. The Airbnb certainly added a lot of value to our stay. Thanks Miguel! 

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