Blog: Lunch @ Iety Rotterdam West

Iety! Lunch and art in Rotterdam West

Last Thursday I visited Iety. This cosy looking lunchroom is on the corner of the ”2e Middellandstraat 27” and the Heemraadssingel. From their terrace you have a beautiful view over the Heemraadssingel. Because I found it a bit chilly I sat down inside. Cool looking place! The lunchroom also serves as an art gallery. On the wall was some great artwork from Hans Withoos. The art makes it definitely an inspiring place to be.  For lunch I ordered a croissant along with a cup of tea. The croissant was freshly baked and came with jam 🙂 Including tip my lunch was €5,50 which is pretty good if you ask me.


In conclusion Iety is worth a visit! First of all it’s a nice area. Secondly inside it feel cosy and comfy. It certainly is a place you should know if you are a local ”Rotterdammert” but for tourists it’s definitely a cool place to go and discover new parts of Rotterdam.

Iety Gallery & Lunch room Rotterdam West. 
2e Middellandstraat 27 / corner of Heemraadssingel 
3021 BL Rotterdam 
06-24 11 92 82

  • Iety Gallery & Lunchroom Rotterdam West. Window
  • Iety Gallery & Lunchroom Rotterdam West. My lunch
  • Iety Gallery & Lunchroom Rotterdam West. interior
  • Iety Gallery & Lunchroom Rotterdam West. bar
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